Pdf to All Converter 3000

Pdf to All Converter 3000

Turns PDF files into various formats
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Batch converts PFD documents into a wide variety of formats such as DOC, XLS, PPT, FLV, GIF, PNG, TIF, JPG, BMP, TXT, RTF, HTML, etc.

This program is designed to convert PDF documents into a wide variety of other formats. Despite its versatility, it is an easy-to-use software tool, and it can be used even by inexperienced users. Among the output formats it supports, you will find MS Word 97-2003 (DOC), MS Excel 97-2003 (XLS), RTF, plain text, HTML, JPG, BMP, GIF, TIF, and PNG. In addition, it supports conversion in batches.

The program's user interface allows you to convert your PDF files into other formats very quickly and easily. You can add one or more source PDF files manually, or you can also select a folder and let the program find the PDF files inside it and add them to the list for you. Then, you can delete any of the files loaded, clear the whole list or change the file conversion order very easily. If you do not wish to convert certain files but do not want to remove them from the list either, you can always uncheck them from your conversion list on an individual basis.

The program also allows you to choose your desired output format from a list. Unfortunately, this output format will be applied to all the files checked for the conversion. You can also select an output directory for your resulting files.

In conclusion, PDF to All Converter 3000 is a solution worth exploring for easy and quick PDF conversion.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Easy to use
  • Supports a wide variety of output formats
  • Supports conversion in batches
  • Allows you to load folders holding PDF files


  • Does not allow you assign different output formats to different files
  • Does not support MS Office 2007-2010 native output formats (DOCX, XLSX)
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